Friday, 2 August 2013

School Holidays Continue…

…and for once it seems like we have had more good than bad weather for them.  On Thursday Caroline wasn’t working so we were able to all have an outing to the park together.  Caroline needed to go to a jeweller’s shop in Hebden Bridge so that decided which park we were going to.


DSC_0015_edited-1.jpgb  DSC_0023_edited-1.jpgb

After play in the park it was ice cream time.  No surprise there then!


George leap-frogged, time and time again, over these posts in the town centre which were not much shorter than himself.  I was impressed.


I was also impressed by all the floral displays in the town.  It’s not just Hebden Bridge town council, nearly everywhere we go these days council gardeners seem to have been put to work to outdo their neighbours in the blooms department.  Public money well spent to my mind.


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