Sunday, 28 July 2013

Another Weekend at Bay View

In fact Billy had booked Monday and Tuesday off work so last weekend was actually more than a weekend.   Travelling up on Saturday evening was a cinch.  Hardly any traffic on the roads and no hold ups on the motorway.  Sunshine too.  Wonderful! 


Sunday afternoon we had lunch at Beetham Nurseries Restaurant.  We had to seek the shade, it was just too hot to sit in the sun.  I hate to feel the sun burning the top of my head.  However, it’s fantastic to be hiding from the sun instead of taking shelter from the rain!!

Monday morning we headed down the coastal path looking forward to breakfast at Archer’s Cafe only to discover that Monday is the one day of the week they don’t open!  We were disappointed to say the least and guess what?  We won’t forget in a hurry that Monday is closing day.


The house above is to the side of Archer’s Cafe.  It must be the farmhouse.  The date above the door reads 1685.  I don’t think it’s changed much in those three hundred plus years.  If it had been built in more recent years it would be facing the sea and those views.  Definitely not away from it.  I’m sure there must have been a good reason for its positioning.  I wonder what it was.


Sheep on the salt marshes on the way back.  I was up close and personal but they weren’t one bit bothered by me.


Driving round and about we decided to take a look at another of the sites owned by the company that owns Bay View.  Five minutes the other side of Silverdale it’s a lovely site with great views of the estuary and sunsets.  I think I’d be very happy making the most of the summer months there myself.


Driving back I snapped this pic from the car.  Looked like a great place for a picnic.  In fact after telling Caroline about it she, Trev and Charlie spent a couple of hours there yesterday.  It’s a pity that what looked like sand from the car is more like mud when you get down there.  They had a good time though and will go again so that’s not so bad.

IMG_2460_edited-2.jpgbiPhone pic

Before we hit the motorway on Tuesday afternoon we finished our few days off with another visit to Beetham’s and coffee and a cake.  Very nice it was too.