Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Kids today...

... have all manner of super duper high tech, computerised games and gadgets to play with.  My grandsons are no exception.  Eight year old George for instance got an iPod Touch for Christmas.  He and his brother, and dad too for that matter, play on the PlayStation, play games on the iPad etc., etc.  They're very lucky little boys at their house.

But ... when my grandsons come to my house we (I say we because I'm usually in the thick of it!) play different kinds of games.  Very often we play games with lots of pretend in them but often too, it'll be a "proper" game such as Hide and Seek, Hide the Thimble, Draughts or a game of cards.


George stayed over with us the night before last and we played cards and then Ludo.  Funny isn't it?  All the technology that's around but you still can't beat a good old board game like Ludo!

I wonder what games George will be playing with his grandchildren?



Linda O'Connell said...

Kathleen, my son played more witht heboxes that the toys came in when he was little. I think using imagination and strategy is more rewarding than playing with electronic gadgets. thanks for stopping by. Today I blogged about chocolate.

Caroline said...

And funnily enough, your youngest grandson had his first game of snakes and ladders this week and loved it!
C xx