Friday, 20 January 2012

iPhone Photo Friday

A few iPhone pics from an uneventful week.  By the way I have nothing against uneventful.  Uneventful is relaxed and easygoing.


  1. Plenty of fruit in the house. Trying to eat more of it.
  2. Tuesday was a day without rain, Charlie and I went for a walk in the park after Nursery.
  3. I took Charlie to the visitor centre at the lake yesterday.  We spent ages following the road sweeper around, he was fascinated by it!
  4. Charlie made a train in the visitor centre theatre.  I bought a ticket for Devon.
  5. I'm really enjoying the library.  Spent a leisurely hour there this morning.  There was a knitting group in full swing.  Like I told you, this library is a friendly place.
  6. My books.
  7. The dreary, rainy view from my computer room window.
  8. Pretty new shoes - a sweet pressie from my daughter, Caroline.
  9. One of my very, very favourite photos of all time!  It's of me and my girls taken many moons ago.  I remember the day clearly.  We had gone to Manchester to meet my lovely cousin, Sylvia.  We are in St. Ann's Square sitting outside a cafe, not something we did very often in those days.  Sylvia took the photo.  Do you remember that day, Syl?  I wonder if you girls do?

Do you know, I think I could write a full post on that little photograph.  The little brass frame is one of a set of three I bought that year with money my dad gave me for Christmas.  I got them from Marks and Spencer.   I made the pinafore dress Victoria is wearing.  I remember her modelling it in the garden for me when it was finished and my next door neighbour, Muriel, saying what a good job I'd done.  Muriel was ever such a lovely lady.  Caroline's was a little sailor dress from Marks and Spencer and I loved it.  I thought both the girls looked really nice that day.  Just a couple of weeks after the photo was taken we went to Arkansas to my sister's home for our summer holiday and had one of our best holidays ever.

Ok, I'm done reminiscing, it was nice though.




Debbie said...

I enjoyed this, especially the part about that last picture where you went down memory lane.

I think it's just a nice thing to do on an "uneventful" day to walk around and snaps shots and see what memories they evoke.

Betsy said...

What a lovely post! It reminds me of what I usually do on Wednesdays, photographing what I did that day.

Gorgeous. Love the last photo and the words you wrote, too. :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

That is a nice collage of photos. It's a wonderful thing when one image can bring back so many sweet memories? Hope the rain has let up. We have freezing temps here now. Something we aren't used to. Off to bed very soon. Best wishes, Tammy