Saturday, 3 December 2011

This and That.

I've been playing with my new toy lately.  All these pics were taken with my iPhone.  All but the first one was taken with the Instagram App.


This photo is a photo of George and Nicholas's school photo from September.  I think it's one of the best school photos I've ever seen, of anybody, ever.  There are more, all excellent too, but this is the only one I took a picture of.


Been reading my Scott Kelby digital photography books. They were a Mother's Day present a couple of years ago, I read them a lot and have learned a lot from them. 


This picture is of my mother as a young woman.  I think she was maybe 21 or so when this photo was taken. I think she looks beautiful!  The original photo is sepia with quite a bit of damage.  I've tidied it up in Photoshop Elements, turned it to black and white and I think it looks a lot better now.


I went Christmas shopping on Wednesday.  I could not have picked a worse day.  Millions of public sector workers were on strike that day and it seemed like every one of them was on the M60 motorway going in the same direction as me.  In fact they were all going to the same place as me - The Trafford Centre shopping mall.  I spent more time in the car in traffic jams than in the shops.  In the end I drove right past the Trafford Centre, it was packed to overflowing, and went to John Lewis at Handforth Dean.  Unfortunately John Lewis was also overflowing with opportunistic shoppers.  But, I found somewhere to park and went in the store.  Did I buy anything?  No, not a sausage!  Hence the photograph above.  This parcel was ordered by Caroline over the internet and delivered right to my doorstep.  No fuss, no wasted time and no fraught nerves.  Now, that's the way to go Christmas Shopping!


Christmas decorating has commenced in my home, albeit in a very small way.  It's a start though.


Insomnia is bugging the life out of me just lately.  Wonder if this strong coffee has got anything to do with it?

Oh, and I'm liking my new toy.



Anita Johnson said...

Funny, I was up for many hours last night due to coffee...we could have chatted! I think I might be the only person i know that has a phone with no wonder it was so cheap!Sleep tight tonight!

Debbie said...

More and more, I'm all about the internet shopping. More and more, I'm having to avoid the strong coffee, too.

Were the striking workers striking at the mall or shopping there?

Sounds like madness!