Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lunch at the Lake


Yesterday I had lunch with these two lovely ladies.  We called it our Christmas Do.  Just the three of us, in the restaurant by our beautiful local lake.  A light lunch, laughter and lots of chat.  We had a whale of a time.


Insomnia is still bugging me.  I decided to do something useful instead of reading in bed this morning.  I got up before dawn and wrote out my Christmas cards.  I've read somewhere about people who suffer with insomnia so much that some nights they don't even go to bed and instead do housework and other productive things.  I'm hoping I don't get that bad!


Online shopping.  I bought some goodies from The Body Shop recently.  They had 50% off everything for one day only last week.   Now that was my kind of shopping!


I don't usually have a colour theme with my decorations but this year I'm going with red and green as much as I can.


And lastly, one little dog who is always hungry.  This photo was taken at about 10 p.m. last night.  Muffin wanted his supper.  I know he's eating too much these days and putting weight on, but he's getting on in years and he just stares at me until I give in.   So, sooner or later, I give in.  I can't stand that staring business!

All pics taken with my iPhone.



Caroline said...

Does that explain Dad's weight gain too then? Does he just stare at you till you give in to him too?!! x

Victoria said...

I think you should compare pictures of Muffin from around this time last year and just see the difference! Xxx