Saturday, 10 December 2011

Skating and the City

Bright and early this morning William and I along with Victoria and her family set off to catch the train into Manchester.  The purpose of the visit was to take the boys ice skating at the open air rink in Spinningfields.


Neither of the boys had ever been ice skating before and both needed a bit of help to get going.  Nicholas hit the ice first- buttocks first, that is!


George gets a helping hand from his daddy.


And so does Nicholas.


And then a bit of help from a sturdy penguin.


George takes a breather with his mum.


William and I took a breather in a nearby coffee shop.


Then before too long George (centre of the photo) found his balance and was off on his own.


Even 4 year old Nicky Noo got the hang of it before the 45 minute session was over.  Both boy's jeans and gloves were wet through when they came off the ice.  Next time a spare pair of trousers in a bag for each of them will be taken along.  I'll bet there's a few bruises to be found on their little bodies tomorrow!  Gary might have the odd bruise too, poor man, even he took a tumble!

After the ice skating we walked back into the city centre through the crowds of shoppers and the very busy Christmas Markets.  I have posted photos of them here and here over the last couple of years.


Amongst the street entertainment today was this "human statue".  He was a bit different to others I've seen before.  He looked like the wind was blowing his clothes away.  How they stand still for so long I do not know.  I couldn't do it.


The Manchester Wheel.  I've been up in that a couple of times and I have no desire to go up in it again.  I'd much rather have my feet on terra firma.

It was a fun day, something a little bit different and just right for the season too.