Monday, 27 September 2010

A Sunday Stroll…

…by the canal.  It was a gorgeous autumn, sunshiny  day yesterday.   Billy and I had said during the week that if the weather was good we’d go for a walk on Sunday, it was and so we did.

A walk along the canal at Uppermill 26/09/2010. 

William’s knees were hurting, he’s having an allergic reaction to some tablets he’s taking, so he wanted somewhere on the level.  My immediate thought was the canal, in particular the one that runs through Uppermill.  It is just so pretty!   We started at the Brownhill Countryside Centre

A walk along the canal at Uppermill 26/09/2010. 

Everything was very still and peaceful, no wind at all.  The water was glasslike.

A walk along the canal at Uppermill 26/09/2010.

There are quaint, stone-built cottages dotted along the sides of the canal, more so as you get closer to Uppermill village.

A walk along the canal at Uppermill 26/09/2010. 

This one has its own mooring and long boat too.  I’ll bet that is somebody’s dream house.

A walk along the canal at Uppermill 26/09/2010. 

I took this picture using my camera’s remote control.  I’ve had that thing for a while and forget to use it but now I’ve remembered about it I’m going to try and use it more.  The looks on our faces say is it working or is it not?  It was.  Next time we’ll be more confident and not look quite so mystified!

After this we walked back to the garden centre, where we’d left the car.  We had a drink and something to eat then a mooch around.  Like everywhere else they’re gearing up for Christmas – I’m definitely not ready for that yet!  We are on the lookout for one of those fire pits for the garden but they didn’t have any.  We definitely need one for Bonfire Night so we’d better keep looking.

All told it was a really nice afternoon and now that William no longer has Sky Sports it might be something we’ll get to do more often!

Before I go I want to say “Well done!” to Caroline.  She has been on a study course this weekend which is in preparation for part two of an important exam at work.  Not only did she pass the course but did it in style coming top of the class!  All that hard work is paying off, keep it up.

Ciao for now.


Dayle said...

What a delightful walk ... and love the "mystified" looks. I use my self-timer a lot and still manage to see that look often. :)

Victoria said...

I'm so proud of my Dad, actually leaving the house to go somewhere. Well done Daddy xxx

Karen said...

Kathleen, thanks for stopping by Places of my Heart. Skip-bo is in the same family as Uno. If I could take a Sunday stroll and see those sights! WOW!! I really enjoyed the stroll with you. Have a great weekend. It is cool here in MS and suppose to be in the 40's for lows this weekend. A little leaf change, we are afraid they are going to turn brown and drop, because of lack of rain. Just thought I would share a little of our world.