Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fluffy clouds in a blue sky.

One of life’s simple pleasures for me is the sky. 

The sky at sunrise (although to be honest I don’t see that very often) and sunset.  I look out my window most nights and am able to see a partial sunset and that gives me no end of pleasure - but to live where I could see it all, now that would be something!

A sky dark and heavy when a thunderstorm is  looming. 

A clear sky at night full of stars is magical to me and can take my breath away. 




But for sheer beauty it’s hard to beat a blue sky with lots and lots of fluffy white clouds!

The sky in all it’s guises is one of the greatest free shows on earth, don’t you agree?

I’m linking to Dayle at Simple Pleasures where other bloggers are sharing their Simple Pleasures.



Karen said...

I loved looking at your pictures. I especially love your header.
HE paints a beautiful picture for us each day, we've got to look up, though.
Joining you at the party,

Cindy said...

Your pictures are so pretty. The blue is so blue and the white so white in them. I'm simple fascinated by clouds.

What a gorgeous header you have for you blog. Definitely Enland. I love England, I lived in the Yorkshire Dales for three years and it was breathtaking. (I degress)

Great simple pleasure!

Dayle said...

Kathleen, we are true kindred spirits. Since I was a little girl, I've been enthralled with all things sky. I just never tire of looking at it--night, day, rainy, cloudy, sunny. I just love the sky and what a perfect simple pleasure that is.

Thanks so much for linking up today. Always a treat.

Cindy said...

Yes, Kathleen, I know the the area, we use to picnic at Fountain's Abby, and go to Bolton's Abby and climb on the rocks. :) I lived outside Harrogate and some of my favorite places were a little town called Pately Bridge, Knaresbourgh (spelling, yikes). I loved all the little villages, and I do miss that. You live in a beautiful part of the world.

Audra said...

Beautiful! My camera is full of pictures of sunsets and clouds! Your pictures are just breathtaking.

Debbie said...

I'm a sky watcher too! And lately, I've even been gazing at the sunrise. It's really remarkable the way it constantly changes.

Gayle said...

Another sky lover here. It's a constant reminder of someone bigger than you and I. Awesome to behold.

Dianne said...

Beautiful pictures. I, also, love your header. Looking up with you, Dianne

Ms.Daisy said...

I've only been to England once but found it to be a lovely place...your sky and cloud pictures are outstanding! Thanks for sharing them with us as a Simple Pleasure!


sarah said...

beautiful pictures...sometimes the kids and I lie on the grass and look up at the doing that.

Anonymous said...

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