Thursday, 23 September 2010

Naughty but Nice.

Caroline, Charlie and I went to The Trafford Centre today for a tootle around.  I had stuff to take back to Marks and Spencer from my shopping spree with William last weekend and Caroline had stuff to return to Next.  Shopping isn’t a big expense for me at all, I always seem to take back more than I keep!

Anyway before we started our leisurely traipsing round the shops Caroline and I indulged ourselves and made for Krispy Kreme first.  My donut was the “chocolate covered custard centre” one.  Which would you choose?

Now if that isn’t a simple pleasure I don’t know what is!  Therefore I’m linking to A Collection of This and That for today’s assortment of  other’s Simple Pleasures.



Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama said...

Mmmmm...Krispy Kreme doughnut! That's a rare treat for me, for there's none anywhere near where I live. That decadent doughnut in the bottom left corner would be my choice...what an utterly delicious simple pleasure!

Carol said...

Kathleen, I'd take any one of those doughnuts!
My mouth is watering just looking at the picture.

Crystal Mary said...

Love your Blog!!!
Oh those donuts and coffee so yummy but can no longer enjoy as I am a new diabetic...More for you..
Well, off to have a cuppa...
SPRING is here WoooPeeee..
The mango tree is in fill bloom and the Pawpaw tree laden, have to be careful of the sugar in these also. Bless your day. CML

Dianne said...

Oh wow! And I just started a really strict diet--smile!

A simple pleasure but one for me that I carry around on my hips for the next 40 years. Ha

I am glad for the people who can eat them and stay slim.

Yes, hot, hot coffee is my daily morning ritual that I would NEVER want to live without. A simple but glorious pleasure.

Dayle said...

Kathleen, I've been craving donuts of any flavor and kind. And that coffee looks yummy too, even though my preferred choice is black coffee. :) This was a definite "naughty but nice" simple pleasure. Love it!

Joan said...

I'm with Carol - my mouth is watering. I love chocolate covered doughnuts, jelly doughnuts...well you get the picture.

A wonderful simple pleasure.

Debbie said...

Oh, I ALWAYS choose the chocolate covered custard center one.

It's my favorite.
Unless, of course, I go all whole hog and just get an eclair.

Well, great. Now I want the simple pleasure of a doughnut. LOL

sarah said...

yum....the kid in me is jumping up and down for the one with sprinkles.

Jennie said...

Ohhhhhh...goodness! I should not have looked at this right now! I just finished up my lunch and am in desperate need of a dessert to cap it off. For me, at Krispy Kreme, I've got to go with the original glazed. It's the "simplest" of them all, but MAN is it a pleasure! Fabulous photo! Looks good enough to eat!