Saturday, 18 September 2010

Oooh, I would love…

…one of these.  In fact I would love this one in particular.


It’s a VW Beetle and I spotted it outside Marks and Spencer in Handforth Dean this afternoon.  I like Beetles anyway but the graphics on this one just made it stand out from the rest for me.  I think it just looks soooo cool!  My girls will love that, me using the word cool, eh girls?.

William and I went on a little shopping spree today.  I say little because we only went to two shops one of which was M & S in Handforth Dean and the other was my favourite shop, John Lewis,  just down the road from it.

It was a very productive shopping trip, we got what we went for and a couple of things besides.  One of the things besides was this pair of  FitFlops   Not a very good picture I’m afraid, I pinched it off the internet. Why do they put a mainly white product on a white background?  You get the idea though I hope.  I didn’t know I needed these sandals until today but I’m glad I got them.  They really are so comfortable and feel so good and what’s more they are supposed to be very good for your feet, your bottom and everything in between too!


I love me a brass band and to day The Salvation Army band was outside Marks’s playing their hearts out and shaking their collecting tins of course.  I feared at first that they were playing Christmas carols!  They weren’t though, so that was OK.  It’s bad enough that the shops are gearing up for Christmas already.  I wish they wouldn’t do that in September.  Surely after Bonfire Night would be soon enough!

By the way I took these two photos with my mobile phone’s camera.  Didn’t  turn out as bad as I thought they would.

That’s it, until next time.



Caroline said...

Yes Mother, thanks for using the word cool. Next post you'll be chillaxing....xx

Victoria said...

I'm so glad I have a hip Mother who is 'down with the kids'. xxx