Monday, 13 September 2010

More about the holiday.

No visit to Oakdown, the campsite we stay on down there in Devon, is complete anymore without a visit to the Donkey Sanctuary.  It truly is a wonderful place, not only is it heaven for the donkeys, it’s a little bit of heaven on earth for humans too.

DSC_6081It’s a place to stroll and enjoy England’s green and pleasant land.  There are several trails/woodland walks to follow, one of which leads to the beach at Weston Mouth.  On our visit last week Billy and I chose to follow this path but we didn’t quite make it to the end.  The path leads steadily downhill and the track in parts was very wet, stony and slippy and that was the part where William almost did a roly-poly down to the sea!  Poor man, he lost his footing and took a bit of a nasty tumble!  He was more or less OK, thank goodness, a few cuts and scratches and a sore knee.  There he is above, high-tailing it back to level ground and a cup of coffee at the cafe.  I have to add that he was very pleased with me afterwards for helping him up and not telling him to stay where he was while I took a picture!! 


We all, the Williams’ included, really did have a good holiday, apart from William’s fall.  Oh, and I trapped my thumb in the car door on the Friday when we went to Burton Bradstock - boy, did that make my eyes water!   Seriously though, I know how very fortunate we are to have this little “holiday home”and to have been able to use it so much in this our first year of having it.  When I count my blessings it ranks right up there in the top ten. 

Thank you, Caroline and Trev, for coming up with the idea of buying a caravan between us in the first place.  It’s worked out very well hasn’t it?



Victoria said...

You must have extra large thumbs, please put a picture on the blog of your very giant sized thumbs. xx

Debbie said...

Your pictures in this post and the previous one are simply GORGEOUS! I would love to visit your country. It's always been on the top of my list, but you make it more so.

I wish I were not so afraid to fly...