Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Is him happy?

Him is Nicholas’ giraffe.  One of those fabric comforter things children have these days.  Nicholas’ giraffe is three years old just like him.  He’s tatty and practically falling to bits and  Nicholas loves him.  Sadly he lost giraffe a couple of weeks ago on a trip to Ikea with his parents.  They searched high and low for him and asked at customer services if giraffe had been handed in but alas, the answer was no.  They had to go home without him.   Victoria rang the store a couple of times over the following weeks but still there was no sign of giraffe.

Nicholas would ask, out of the blue, “Is him happy?”  or ring Giraffe on his toy mobile and talk to him  and ask him if he was okay.  This little boy was missing his giraffe.


Now,  Ikea does have a lost property box and today we went back to the store to have a look in it.  Low and behold, there he was. Giraffe was waiting to be claimed and home he came with us!  So yes, today, him is very happy!



John said...

I bet Him is not as happy as Nicholas is - so glad your tale had a happy ending. LS XXX

MomMom said...

So glad he found his giraffe!! What a happy ending to such a cute story. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

Anonymous said...

Him is over the moon! Love Nicholas' mummy xxx