Friday, 16 July 2010

A little moan…


… about the weather.  We have gone from brilliant sunshine to what you see here.  Skies heavy with grey clouds and the constant threat of rain which doesn’t quite materialise enough to call off the hosepipe ban we are under in these parts.  This picture was taken from my living room window on Wednesday night in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm.  I’m not really complaining though, I love a good thunderstorm and we don’t get that many.DSC_4709Yesterday Victoria, Nicholas and I went to the lake for a little walk and some fresh air. Wrapped up against the elements, it was windy out there!  DSC_4711 However, we still sat outside the refreshments kiosk with a latte and admired the view.  Which isn’t bad, rain or shine!


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Linda said...

Oh would I love some rain! It's always sooo dry here. It has been cooling down a bit the last day or two. Down to 95 from 105!