Saturday, 29 May 2010

When I came back...

…from a trip to T K Maxx this morning, a shop I’ve not been to for ages and one I really like to have a good old mooch in, there was a huge box waiting for me in the kitchen. DSC_4029 Inside it were these beautiful, beautiful flowers and the pink jug to put them in.

DSC_4028 copy

They really are gorgeous.  I’ve played around in Photoshop and put a Shadow House texture on the picture above.

DSC_4053 These are the true colours.  I probably wouldn’t think to put pink and yellow together but these delicate pink roses and deep yellow gerberas look amazing side by side in and amongst the greenery.


Who are they from? you might well ask.  Well, they are a thank you from Caroline for looking after Charlie tonight while she and Trev are spending the night in a nice hotel in Leeds. It’s their first wedding anniversary a week today and Trev booked the night away as a surprise.  How sweet of him and how sweet of her to send me the flowers.  Thank you Caroline, I love both the flowers and the vase, I couldn’t have chosen better myself! xx

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