Monday, 10 May 2010

The Donkey Sanctuary…

… is just a pleasant walk away from our campsite so William and I took a look at it.  Both our girls and their families had been to the sanctuary before and had enjoyed and praised it but I wasn’t expecting it to be anything extraordinary.  I was wrong.  This place is wonderful!  You can visit it’s website hereOne man and his dog.This is the path leading to the sanctuary.  Benches everywhere to rest, watch the donkeys and enjoy the views.Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth. 06/05/2010These donkeys have got to be the happiest donkeys alive!Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth. 06/05/2010There’s a donkey hospital on site and I’ll bet it’s in a better condition than many an NHS hospital.Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth. 06/05/2010Gardens immaculately presented with memorial plaques everywhere.  There’s a cafe too and also plenty of places to enjoy a picnic.Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth. 06/05/2010I love how they’ve cut a donkey shape into the backs of all the benches. Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth. 06/05/2010I’m sure we’ll be visiting here again on future holidays, I absolutely loved the place.

I'm joining in (for the first time) with Outdoor Wednesday over at  It's a wonderful blog with a window into many different people's worlds.  Take a look.


Valerie said...

Thank you for joining in today and sharing a glimpse into the window of your part of the world.

The donkey sanctuary is fabulous and not at all what I would have expected!

Happy outdoor Wednesday to you,


joanny said...

What a wonderful place -- too bad it is across the pond - or I would be going to visit it shortly myself.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday,