Monday, 10 May 2010

Well, we’re back …

… from our first full week spent in the van in Devon.  We had a really good time, the weather was quite good on the whole, not sunbathing good by any means, more fresh and bracing good I’d say.DSC_3430We even got the awning up without any mishaps, bearing in mind this was the first time Billy and Trev had put up an awning.  We also had a very big and private pitch which was great.  It didn’t take too long before we were sorted and our holiday began.MayCottages-w
Billy and I took a detour off the main road on the way to Sidmouth one day and found this beautiful little hamlet of thatched cottages and a farm.  I was practically dizzy jumping in and out of the car taking pictures.  It was such a picturesque little place, the thatched  cottages were gorgeous and there were quite a few of them. 
The geese weren’t very happy at our being there, I’m glad I didn’t have to walk past them!  The place is called Harcombe by the way.
Weymouth-etc-copywAnother day we went with Caroline, Trev and Charlie to Weymouth where we enjoyed a bag of chips on the harbour-side. I want to go back there in July and join one of the guided walks to find out about the history of the harbour. 
We called at Burton Bradstock on the way back (bottom left), that’s a gorgeous beach with a great beach cafe.  The view couldn’t have been better while we sipped our lattes.
A treat we always enjoy when we’re in Beer is breakfast on the beach, there’s nothing quite like it.  There’s Billy  tucking into his Full English.
I’ll be back later with photos from the rest of the week, for now I have to go and conjure up some culinary delight for my beloved to eat when he returns home from a hard day’s work!  Does Chilli con Carne count as a culinary delight? Probably not, but that’s what I’m going to conjure up tonight.

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John said...

Lovely photographs I can almost smell the sea air and feel the breeze!! xx