Friday, 12 February 2010

We’re going to...

...Welsh Wales this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.  It’ll be our first time visiting Brenda and Arthur since they moved down there. 
However, today was just another day and ordinary things had to be done, like the weekly shopping.  I made it a little different today though and went to the Co-op first.DSC_2143 In particular the co-op in Todmorden centre.  I’ve passed this shop in the car so many times over the years and thought how nice it looks and how good it is that they kept the old shop fronts and wondered what it looks like on the inside. I’ve even walked passed and looked in the window but never made the time to go in and have a look around.  But today I made the time and went in and am glad I did.DSC_2137 The interior is very bright and modern looking but at the same time has retained that old-fashioned feel.  The walls on both sides are lined with high shelving and I’m sure they must be the original ones.  Painted white now they would have been dark wood in days gone by.  It reminded me immediately of the co-op up the road from where I lived as a little girl.  More or less the same layout.  Dark and big, it had a long shop floor with a high dark wood counter on one side. Perhaps all co-ops were laid out like that? I seem to remember it always being half empty and not a lot of anything on the shelves.  This shop though was full of stuff and doing a roaring trade too. 
Upstairs is a cafe.  I love a nice coffee shop.  I had a latte and a cake, which looked home-made.  It was good.  I daresay I’ll be going back again.DSC_2148 Then, walking back to the supermarket I saw this street name sign.  I’d love to know the history behind these two peculiar names.
I’ll be back next time with pictures of Wales.

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