Thursday, 18 February 2010

Afternoon Tea at the Town Hall

My cousin Sylvia and I arranged to meet in Manchester on Monday. It was a very damp kind of day, not very conducive to wandering around outdoors. So what better way to pass the time than over Afternoon Tea in a beautiful old building like Manchester Town Hall.  DSC_2236 For such a big place it was surprisingly cosy, there was even a fire burning in one corner of the cafe area. It was one of those log burning stove thingies and now I think about it, it could have been an imitation fire.  Anyway it looked nice whatever it was.  Also, it added to the ambience which was that of a gentleman’s club. Not that I’ve ever been in a gentleman’s club, but you know what I mean.I’m afraid we had eaten the sandwiches off the top tier before I remembered to take a photo but you still get the idea of what the food was like. 

We had the place to ourselves most of the time and we just sat, nibbled and nattered away to our heart’s content.  It was lovely.



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John said...

Food looks yummy - was it as good as the Midland's afternoon tea?