Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Weekend in Wales Part II

Sunday we went to Asaph.  The highlight of which for me was the 13th century Asaph Cathedral.  DSC_2235Certainly not the biggest cathedral I’ve ever seen.  In fact it’s the smallest ancient cathedral in Great Britain but it’s definitely the cosiest one I’ve ever been in!  DSC_2234 It was a pleasure to look around, really welcoming and warm inside.  Glorious architecture.  I think the building itself would be enough to give you Religion, if you didn’t already have it that is.DSC_2233Some wonderful memorials to read and marvel at. 
I loved Asaph Cathedral and I like to think I’ll be going back again on a future visit to my wonderful in-laws.Brenda in the graveyard of a little church in Asaph. 14/02/2010 Here’s Brenda in the graveyard of a church we came across on the walk to the cathedral.  Our other halves wouldn’t look at this church with us because it wasn’t part of the plan for that day.  Talk about grumpy old men! We enjoyed it though, we both love reading gravestones. Some of the inscriptions were so sad.  Talk about weird old women!
It was our first visit to Bodelwyddan staying with Brenda and Arthur in their lovely new home.  They took us on a tour of their new territory and we bookmarked quite a few places to visit next time, hopefully when spring has sprung.  We had a smashing time, just like we always do with Bren and Arch!

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John said...

It looks lovely where Brenda and Arthur now live - have you told them where to move to next so that you can enjoy your mini holidays?