Friday, 19 February 2010

My Welsh Granny.

Going to Wales has made me think about my Welsh granny, my mother’s mother.  She was very proud of being Welsh and was always referred to by her full name, Sarah Jane.  She died at the age of 92 when I was 11 years old.  I say 92, but at the time nobody was completely sure exactly how old she was. I don’t think they could find her birth certificate.My maternal grandmother, Sarah Jane (nee Jones) Waterworth.  She died in 1963 aged 92 years when I was 11. I remember her very well, she lived with us for a while before she died.She lived with us for her last couple of  years so I remember her very well.  She had a bed downstairs in our parlour.  I remember her teaching me to say this Welsh phrase “"Cay de geg”.  It means “shut your mouth”.  It came in very useful from time to time!   Also she would tell of how she used to play on the steps of Caernarvon Castle as a little girl and that her father was the gamekeeper for Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn.  I remember too that she used to like a little flutter on the horses.  A bit of a character she was. How she ended up in a little mill town near Manchester I have no idea.My maternal grandad, Thomas Waterworth.  I never knew him, he died when my mother was only a little girl.This is Thomas, her husband.  I never knew him he died when my mother was only a little girl.  I have cousins who look very much like him.  He was said to have been a Liverpool Irishman. 
I wish I knew more about these people and what life was like for them.   If Time Travel ever becomes a reality I’ll be at the front of the queue to buy a ticket!


John said...

Felt sure you were going to tell us Thomas was one of Bill's relatives! xx

vickigooda said...

It's just come to me, I think Nicholas is a direct as can be descendant from the Welsh Granny he likes to say shut up too!! xx