Friday, 19 February 2010


… I went to Towneley Park with my girls and their boys. We all needed and wanted the fresh air.  Poor Nicholas is just getting over Chicken Pox and is still a little bit delicate, so fresh air was definitely needed by him.  We were blessed with a beautiful day about which we were more than happy. What a vision of loveliness! We had no snow where we live and no snow when we got to the park.  In between though we drove through a  winter wonderland where the hillsides were covered in frost and snow.  Isn’t that a vision of loveliness?  DSC_2270 We had lunch sitting outside the very pleasant cafe near the Hall and then walked down to the play area. DSC_2279 Charlie could just about see where he was going, I think!  Caroline has recently had her hair cut short.  It really suits her.



Anonymous said...

Oh,my! That's all I can think of to say about your wonderful pictural essay of sights around you. It makes me homesick to see all this for myself. I loved the story of the Canadian graves. I wondered too, why they were there. What a sad story though. I am envious of your afternnon tea. We are definitely going when I come home, which may be sooner than I thought after seeing this.
Keep them coming, Kath I do love to see your pictures. What a nice pic. of Brenda(tell her I said so) I do like Caroline's hairdo. I wonder about it for me? What do you think? I would have to let mine grow in places, but for me I like Vicki's last one. Can you send me a picture before next Tues.? I get my hair cut after school. Thank you Lovey.

vickigooda said...

Hello Molly or Mary or Milly???
Come home and I will make you an appointment with the hairdresser that does both Caroline and I??