Sunday, 13 January 2013

Al Fresco Sunday Morning Breakfast

The breakfast being a tasty bacon butty eaten in the sqaure in Hebden Bridge.


Billy had eaten a bacon butty for breakfast at home but wished he was eating another when he saw how good these particular ones looked.


It was a cold morning and George was already feeling it.  Victoria is wearing one of the first hats I crocheted last year.


Here’s Gary wearing a beanie hat I knitted him for Christmas.   I knitted one for Trev, my other son in law, too.  I might as well mention that I knitted one each for my girls also.  I’ve been a very industrious knitter recently!

After the bacon butties had been consumed we made our way to the park.  Where the boys played for a little while and the dogs got walked.  As previoulsy mentioned it was a cold morning and the cold got the better of George and Nicholas.  They both suffer with Reynaud’s Disease and were both freezing so we headed to Innovations Cafe for warming cups of hot chocolate etc.


It starts young in the male of the species doesn’t it?  The obsession with sport.  I got a newspaper off the shelf in the cafe and read the first page first. As you do.  George who is only 9 got a newspaper too.  Only he read the last page first i.e. the sport’s page.  Typical man, eh?


There was a busker in the square today.  He was good too.  Very folksy and I for one like that.  We listened to him for a while.  Nicholas checked him out as he passed in front of him.  Well, he wasn’t exactly your average looking busker was he?


The boys and I talked to the busker about his numerous instruments.  He demonstrated each one for us.  It was interesting.


Nicholas checked out how much you can make as a busker.


Charlie came in his Ninja outfit.  Bless his little cotton socks!


Last stop before home was the sweet shop.  George got a sweetie necklace.  I remember those things from waaay back.  When Adam was a lad I think it was!



Anita Johnson said...

A town square like this looks so pleasant to me...what a perfect place to have breakfast!

Tammy said...

Looks like it was fun family time. Never heard the term "busker" before. You've done well with the knitting and crocheting of hats. I think you need to make one for the busker, too. :) Best wishes, Tammy