Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Walk on the White Side.

The threat of severe weather coming our way meant we didn’t stray far from home this weekend.


Instead William and I plumped for a walk round the local lake.


We weren’t the only hardy ones either.  Lots of folk had the same idea as us.  To get some fresh air no matter what the temperature was.  Incredibly we saw a young woman hobbling around on crutches!   She was risking it.  It really was quite icy underfoot.


Hundreds of seagulls and Canada geese.


There’s a small cafe at the far side of the lake.  But ice cream in this weather?  I don’t think so!


All wrapped up.  I’ve even got one of those ear muff/headband sort of things on.   Now that’s a first for me.  I just look so simple in a hat that I never wear one.  I made an exception today though, it was so cold and windy.  And, I thought, we won’t see anybody we know.  Guess what?  We did.  An old friend from work came walking toward us.  It was all I could do not to whip that thing off my head.  But by then my hair would’ve been a mess so I just braved it out and chatted feeling foolish all the while because I had a hat on.  Oh well, never mind – worse things happen at sea.


My boot lace came undone.  Billy fastened it for me.  I was only saying recently that he doesn’t do that for me anymore.  Today however, he did.


Three miserable looking ponies.  Made a nice photo though.


Snowmen along the way.  They made me smile.  As did the hot cup of coffee we had in the pub overlooking the lake before we made it back to the car.



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Caroline said...

I didn't know you walked round as well! You were brave! x