Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Cold Start With Some Fog Patches.

That’s what the BBC weather forecast was for today.  It wasn’t wrong either.

Photo1iPhone photo

Fortunately it didn’t stop a brisk walk around Watergrove Reservoir with Caroline, Trev and the two dogs, Harley and Max, being a fun thing to do.  Victoria would have joined us but she was at home nursing a touch of tonsillitis so didn’t feel up to it. 

I can’t imagine how cold that water must have been but Harley was in and out of it most of the way round.  You can see him in the water in the picture above as he swims out to retrieve his ball.  Crazy dog, that’s all I can say!



Caroline said...

that's a lovely pic of us xx

Tammy said...

That is a beautiful photo. Yikes! I can't imagine why anyone -- human, canine or otherwise -- would purposely jump into frigid waters. Yowzers! Best wishes, Tammy