Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Boys in the Stream

Sunday was a lovely warm day.  After doing odd jobs in the morning William and I took ourselves over Blackstone Edge to Hebden Bridge for a tootle around.


We decided on a coffee in a new cafe which has just opened.  It’s in the recently renovated Town Hall.  Actually it’s still a work in progress.  With all the Health & Safety rules and regulations these days we were surprised at the open railings in place.  It’s about a 4ft drop down to the water. We would’ve had to find another cafe if we’d had little boys with us. 


This Virigina Creeper covering almost all of this old building is going to look fantastic in a month or so when summer turns to autumn (perish the thought!).


All the coffee shops were doing a roaring trade.


Hanging baskets like this were everywhere in the town.  Just beautiful. 


Onto yesterday afternoon.  I kept all three little boys for an hour or so while their mums went to the gym together.


I let them paddle in the stream that runs just at the back of our garden.


A couple of weeks ago this was a raging torrent from all the rain we’d had.


Not anymore. It was perfectly safe for the boys to play in yesterday.


They had loads of fun. 


This is Lesley peeping over her garden fence, laughing at the boys antics in the water.


Charlie came out of the water wettest and dirtiest. Back at home I ran the bath and had them all clean themselves off.  I think they enjoyed that just as much as being in the stream.  I know Charlie was happier once he was clean and dry again.

I love summer!


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Caroline said...

You know that's where the wedding we went to was held? we stood out there after the ceremony.

Charlie isn't keen on staying dirty for long, is he? x