Sunday, 12 August 2012

July 2012 in Devon

After a very wet start …


… and in the first few days with skies like this our two weeks holiday in Devon happily turned out to be one of the hottest we’ve had over the last few years.

IMG_1104        IMG_1095       

With temperatures in the 70s and even as high as 81 degrees we were all smiles,


we were swimming in the sea (yep, that’s me out there),


and sitting in the shade.  It was marvellous!


Whatever the weather William usually does a fair bit of this.


It’s oh so nice to do this when that little old currant bun is in the sky.


Charlie taking pictures like a pro!


Bucket and spade play on West Bay beach.  Heaven for a little boy!


It was heaven too for Harley.  He went swimming (he loves the sea), ran around and had a whale of a time.  Unfortunately though, he got heatstroke and for him it was heaven no longer.  When the picture above was taken he was beginning to feel ill.  An emergency visit to the vet and a night’s stay in hospital brought his temperature of 103 degrees down but put an end to his holiday fun.  Poor thing!

DSC_5971b   DSC_6190b

Our little dog Muffin isn’t so energetic any more and most of the time he seeks the shade, never goes near the water and fortunately stays cool and happy.


Plenty of ice cream was consumed.  Especially by me.  I could eat the soft whip variety until it comes out of my ears.  No exaggeration!


When the sun is cracking the flags my favourite beach to be on is Beer.  The beach has a couple of little snack huts and we make good use of them.  That’s William in the green shirt coming back to our table with a couple of coffees.


The view up above the beach huts …


…and in front of them.  Incidentally, I love the pebbles.  I love the crunching sound they make when you walk on them and they don’t get into places they don’t belong like sand does!


A little peek inside one of those beach huts.  Not very big are they?  But they’ll store all the paraphernalia needed for a week on the beach.  They’re available to hire for approximately £45 a week.


It being Jubilee year and the year of the London Olympics the Union Jack was in evidence everywhere.  Beautiful!

These photos are all from the first week and now I need to get the second week posted as soon as I can.



Anita Johnson said...

I'm running off to work, but have enjoyed reading your posts with my coffee this morning...the Olympics were wonderful, I miss watching them!

Caroline said...

My poor doggie's temperature actually went up to 104.1 to be precise! Lovely pics, we'll be back there in a matter of days. x