Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Month’s Worth of Rain.

I don’t know if it’s a threat or a promise but a month’s worth of rain in a day is what the Met Office insists is heading our way!


So, with that in mind when the sun was shining and the threat/promise of rain did not materialise I headed to Hebden Bridge for a late breakfast this morning.  I was able to sit outside my favourite cafe in the warm fresh air with the sound of the river roaring over the weir right in front of me.  Yes, roaring!  This little town has suffered badly and was flooded recently. The river was still very high today, hence the roaring.  Several of the shops were still closed for business while repairs and refurbishments go ahead.

GWage8 copyNRage5 copy

I’ve been working on the silhouettes above.  They are of my grandsons, George and Nicholas.  I printed them off as 5 x 7s in time for their lovely mother’s birthday which was the day before yesterday.


Happy birthday daughter dear!

I’ve been trying to write a post covering the last week or so but I seem unable to get my act together and just do it.  Never mind, I’ll try again tomorrow.  I think maybe I need a little blogging break.



Debbie said...

A month of rain here would be a promise. Unfortunately, no one has promised it. UGH.

I love silhouettes, and those are looking great. What a perfect birthday gift for their mom!

Linda O'Connell said...

So nice to be able to sit outside and have breakfast. It has been 103-107 for almost two weeks here in the midwest section of the US. happy birthday to your pretty daughter. I'm back from vacationa nd blog hopping. Stop by sometime.