Sunday, 8 July 2012

Armed Forces Day, Sports Days and a Race for Life That Didn’t Happen.

Have you ever psyched yourself up for something?  Something that you really, really wanted to do and then that something is cancelled.  Well, that happened to Caroline, my younger daughter, today. 


She rose with the larks and was all ready, set to go run a 5k Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research in Huddersfield.  Charlie and I went along to give support.  However when we got to the venue there was no crowd ready and raring to go with her.  The race had been postponed due to the course being deemed unsafe to use because of all this flippin’ rain we are having!  Talk about disappointed!  What was a girl to do?  Head to the nearest coffee shop and have a little treat, that’s what.  Caroline wasn’t the only deflated runner there.  Several other ladies followed us in all with the same forlorn, can-you-believe-it look on their faces. 



George and Nicholas stayed overnight with us Friday night.  Here’s Nicholas making pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning.  This was at 7.30 and George, sensible boy, was still in bed.


Sunday last was Armed Forces Day. Caroline had seen an ad for events taking place in Halifax Piece Hall and that’s where these pictures were taken.


The day had a 1940s  theme.  The band played songs from the era, mainly those associated with the war. 


Both boys had a turn at dressing up like a real soldier.  Charlie particularly was in his element.


Both got to ride on this vintage funfair carousel.


People came dressed in character for the day.


I loved seeing this old lady in her house pinny and carpet slippers.  The 1950s trolley is just like the one my siblings and I would’ve been pushed around in.



Charlie’s Nursery School Sports Day was held earlier this week.  He did really well and won quite a few of his little races.


Afterwards his little friend came to play at Charlie’s house.  Don’t they look sweet holding hands?

Nicholas’s Sports Day was also held earlier this week.  He too did really well and won lots of his races.  George, Nicholas’s brother, fell foul of the weather and his Sports Day was cancelled.  He wasn’t happy about it, poor thing. 

What a long post this turned out to be but I’ve been dragging my feet over this one and when I finally got stuck in I didn’t want to leave anything out!



Linda O'Connell said...

I know your daughter must have been disappointed. I loved taking this little side "trip" on your blog. Pictures are fun.

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, I'm sure that was disappointing! Send us rain...we are hot and dry!
Lovely photos...all of them!

Caroline said...

I was very disappointed Mother! Especially as my husband put me to shame cycling 64 miles the same day!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That would be a bummer -- to be all revved for a race that didn't happen. Will it be rescheduled? The Armed Forces Day event looks like fun. The photo of the boys holding hands is priceless and precious. Hope you have a sunshiney week. Tammy

Debbie said...

The little hand holding picture is my very favorite! I would love to have a themed Armed Forces Day here. Here, it's on the calendar as more of a "Hallmark Card" day.

Big old bummer for the runner! I know how my daughter would feel.

Anonymous said...

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