Sunday, 24 June 2012


Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.  I like ‘em.  Even now, when I no longer work outside the home Mondays to Fridays, I still like it when the weekend rolls around.  

Yesterday afternoon Victoria brought the boys round for a visit and we took them and the dogs for a walk round the neighbourhood.  


I snapped this happy picture of Nicholas when he sat still on a grit box for half a minute.


This toy car, which is modelled on a Model T Ford, belongs to a sweet little girl who lives across the road from me.  Her daddy is very mechanically minded.  He bought and completely refurbished this 1980s car and one lucky little girl got it in her stocking on Christmas Day. 


It’s battery operated, is very quiet and can really zoom along.  You can see in this photo how fast the boys are running but that little car is keeping up no problem!


Emily, a friendly generous little girl, was happy to let George and Nicholas have a ride in it.  George just about fit in it but still had a great time.  I spent a fun but anxious quarter of an hour or so watching them zoom around in it.  I was sure one of them was going to press the pedal too hard and end up in the stream that runs behind the hedge in the pictures!

IMG_0998biPhone pic.

Forward to today in this pic.  William and I took a walk close to home through Ealees to the visitor centre around lunch time.  We sat outside the cafe sipping a latte until it started to rain, at which point we took shelter in the centre until the shower passed.  Not so this group of four men, they just stayed put and put a brolley up!  It really amused me.  So, being a good blogger, I whipped my iPhone out and snapped a quick piccie.

IMG_0964biPhone pic.

Poor old England has been having torrential rain and flooding in lots of areas over the last few days.  We’ve had plenty of rain and high winds but thankfully nothing like as bad some towns only a few miles away.  I feel so sorry for the poor people affected.  Our only casualties are our gardens.  I mentioned this beautiful garden in my last post.  It is now all battered and sad looking, as though it’s been trampled by a herd of elephants! 



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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You live in such a beautiful area. The grass is so green! My poor plants are just hanging in there. Way too hot. I got dressed to go out for lunch today and hubby said he just wanted to stay home. Sure wish the rain would head to Colorado and put out all those fires. It just doesn't make sense when some areas are so wet and others are so dry. Sure would be nice if it could all balance out. That little car is cute and looks like great fun for the kids. Have a wonderful weekend. I never know what day of the week it is with the summer holiday. Except Friday when hubby is home. That puts me back on track. Take care. Tammy