Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Great British Summertime.

Really there’s been nothing great about this summer.  Unless the best is yet to come?


I took Charlie to the lake Visitor Centre for an ice cream after school on Tuesday.  The ever present rain meant it had to be eaten indoors.


My new holiday handbag.  It’s a Cath Kidston.  I bought it in the sale just over a week ago.  I love the patriotic print, it’s called Royal Stan.  These handbags are made from oilcloth, which I presume means the bag is waterproof.  Methinks that could prove to be an advantage this summer!


I’m on a patriotic roll at the minute.  These are my new wellies.  I think they’re lovely but I’ll be very happy if I never need to wear them!

I’m signing out for a couple of weeks.  Lucky us are heading down to the southwest again at weekend.  Rain or shine – we’ll take it – at least it’s by the sea.


PS. Having moaned about the weather throughout this post I’ve just realised, it hasn’t rained once today!


Anita Johnson said...

We would welcome your rain...but I'm trying to remember how tiring dreary days can be too. Enjoy your break...those rain boots are really cute!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Just think, all that rain makes everything green. Over here, we just have heat and dust and concrete that make the high temps feel like they are double the boiling point. :/ Enjoy your holiday. Tammy

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