Friday, 15 June 2012

Salcombe Regis

On Thursday of our week’s holiday the heavens opened and it rained cats and dogs all morning.  Non stop!  I knew there was a Country Fair being held in Salcombe Regis and I wanted to go take a look. I hoped maybe there would be a village hall for the Fair to be held indoors. Amazingly the rain stopped as we drove to the village and held off while we had a look around!


Salcombe Regis is a beautiful little village nestled deep in a valley in the Devon countryside and only a mile or so from our campsite.


For such a small village there was a lot going on, all centred around the church.  That’s a burger and hotdog stall up there.


The church was a-buzzing!  The organist was playing away, homemade cakes and cups of tea were on sale, bric a brac, raffle tickets and the Union Flag in pride of place over the door.  I made a couple of purchases in here.  The prices were very reasonable.  It was great!


Pretty, pretty graveyard. I’m in no hurry to be a resident in one of these places but I do love to wander around one.


Residents had opened their garden gates and garages and were manning stalls selling books, toys etc.  I made a couple of purchases here too.  Books were only 50p each.


The residents had gone to a lot of trouble.  The scaffolding contraption up there on the left held the tombola stall.  It was doing a roaring trade too.


All kinds of junk and good stuff on sale out here in the church car park.  There’s William with my purchases in the brown carrier bag.  A chap I was standing next to bought one of those hand held car vacs, which looked brand new, for just £1.   The prices were right and people were buying.

I bought a church guide book and discovered that throughout the summer on Sundays teas are available in the churchyard and the money raised helps to swell the church funds.  I think we’ll be going back in July to give that a whirl.  Will you be joining us, Caroline?


And finally, just because I like ‘em, a photo of one of the old timey signposts still to be found in Devon.


All photos in this post were taken with my iPhone and edited using Pioneer Woman’s Actions in Photoshop Elements.  I love PW’s Actions and use them a lot these days.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like it was a lovely day. So glad the rain stopped so that you could enjoy. It makes sense that if you want to sell your stuff, you should price it accordingly. Hope you are having a great week. Tammy

Andrew Read said...

Just returned from a few days camping at Salcombe Regis and found your blog via google. Lovely village and gorgeous church.