Monday, 14 November 2011

Where does the time go?

No, really, where does the time go?  I just don't seem to have enough of it lately.  I haven't been near this blog in almost a week and I really don't want to get behind with it if I can help it, 'cause this I know - catching up is far harder than keeping up.

Anyway here's some of the fun stuff I've been doing this past week.


Friday afternoon I got the train into Manchester to meet my lovely cousin, Sylvia.  We had lunch and a good old chinwag.  We mooched in and out of the shops, all the time having a good old chinwag.  Stopped for a coffee break and had a good old chinwag.  I think it's safe to say there was a lot of chinwaggin' going on!


As you can see Manchester is definitely gearing up for Christmas.  Kendal's Christmas window displays were gorgeous.   The Christmas Markets were just in the process of being set up.  All the Christmas street lights were up and glittering.  They were very pretty, as usual.  And as usual Sylvia and I had a lovely time together and I'm hoping we can do it again before Christmas.

The two photos above were taken with my iPhone.  (Have you ordered yours yet, Syl?)  DSC_3393b

Now, then, for something completely different.  Guess who that is in the riding gear?  Yep, it's me!  My son in law Trev got a new motorbike recently and had promised to take me for a spin on it. 

True to his word, Saturday morning he took me for that spin.

Trev managed to borrow a helmet and biker jacket for me from a friend.  I'll tell you something,  those helmets are not the most comfortable hats in the world.  They're heavy and have to be a very snug fit.  Very snug.  I didn't think I'd get my head inside this one, but I did - just!


Here we are ready for the off.  Uppermill was our destination, not too far but far enough.  Caroline followed behind in the car with Charlie.  It was exciting, exhilarating and extremely draughty round the ankles.  Thanks for the experience, Trev!


Coffee and cakes were on the agenda too.  (An Instagram picture)


River Tame runs alongside the park in Uppermill.


Charlie had a great time crossing back and forth on the stepping stones with his daddy.

Looking back, I'm happy to say, it wasn't that bad a week after all.  It was just all the hassle with my internet provider, wi-fi, my iPhone connection to it and the interminable amount of time I had to spend on the phone with the people at Orange to solve the problems. 


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Anita Johnson said...

What a fun week you had, but I'm not sure I could put a helmet on...I get claustrophobic just pulling a turtle neck over my head! (0: