Monday, 7 November 2011

Saturday afternoon...

...I needed some fresh air and wanted to go for a walk.  Not wanting to go on my own I asked if the boys wanted to come with me.  I asked their mother too but she was busy ironing.  Charlie was asleep at his house so it was me, George and Nicholas.  Oh, and my little dog, Muffin.


We didn't go far, just  up the road to Ealees.  We all like it there and of course, winter or summer, the water is a big attraction for the boys.  We played Follow My Leader along the way until I nearly fell over with all the twizzes we were doing!


George and Nicholas both had their wellies on but it was inevitable that one of them would go too deep.  George's right foot got a good old soaking of icy cold water.


Nicholas just got filthy.  He's really good at that.  Bless his little cotton socks!


I'm including this snap of the cottages we pass en route because of the beautiful autumn colours in the background.

Saturday was Bonfire Night and for the first time in a long time we didn't have a bonfire party in our garden.  The ground was far too wet so we'll just have to have one another weekend when the weather and grass are both dry. 

However, we did drive up and park on Blackstone Edge, one of the highest points in this hilly area of ours with panoramic views for miles around.  Victoria, Caroline and I took a flask each and they brought goodies to eat while we all watched the fireworks from our vantage point.  In theory it was a great idea but in actual fact we saw very few fireworks.  With hindsight we should've gone an hour later at 7 o'clock-ish for a better show.  So after the no-show we finished the night off back at our house with a hot drink and of course there's always next year.  It was still an experience though for the boys to be out after dark.




Victoria said...

Nicholas is one of those kids that just attracts dirt! x

Anita Johnson said...

I would have been in the water with them. What a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

As a local historian for the Cloneygowan area I am transfixed by your glorious photographs of Tom's cottage and the rest.
Please get in touch with me and let me know if there are others, and how can I get my hands on copies.
Thanks very much,
P.J./ Goode

Anonymous said...