Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Our Autumn Holiday...

...in Devon seems to have receded into the distance very quickly even though we only got back last Wednesday.  So here are a few pictures to help keep it alive just a little bit longer.


We really had a good holiday.  The weather was mixed but that was to be expected in late October.  As you can see though we still managed to eat breakfast al fresco on Beer beach.  The sun was shining and a mist still hung over the sea, very atmospheric.   We ate breakfast at Ducky's beach cafe and the owner, a very friendly sort of fellow, was telling us that surprisingly his busiest week of the year had been in October.   I imagine the Indian summer we had a taste of had a lot to do with it.

The fishing boat photo was taken on a different day to the breakfast on the beach day.  I love their happy colours.

In the top right hand picture Caroline and her little boy are sitting on the pebbles at Sidmouth watching the waves roll in. 

The skies were beautiful no matter what the weather was doing.  The bottom left picture is one of my favourites from the week.  I wish I could get a picture of the sky at night from our campsite, what a sight to behold that is!

Last but not least is William with a slightly amused look on his face.

And below a view of Beer beach with barely a soul on it!

Beer BeachThat's it, short and sweet.  More to come over the next couple of days.



Debbie said...

Your posts always have the same basic effect on me. They make me want to conquer my fear of flying over water.

So beautiful!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Being in the great outdoors, close to the sea, makes for memories! :) Looks like a great holiday. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Best wishes, Tammy

Anita Johnson said...

What a beautiful spot! And camping in October? ...what a brave soul!

Anonymous said...

Well Kathleen, I have finally caught up with you. I am up to date with your latest pictures of Devon and the that beautiful for of Trev and Charlie. I don't think he will be anything but very pleased with his personal page from his very special mother inlaw. Did Santa come early by way of your iphone? Love for now, Sissy