Monday, 21 November 2011

Llandudno and Betws Y Coed

Friday night when William got home from work we loaded up the car with all the paraphernalia needed for a weekend away and drove down to north Wales for the weekend to visit with William's sister and her husband.  They live only an hour and a half away so it's a very comfortable drive after a day at the grindstone.


Here we are, Saturday morning, on Llandudno beach.


And here's William with his sister and brother in law tucking into pie and chips from the chippy.  Brenda is just about to crack open a flask of hot coffee.  That was our lunch on Saturday and boy did it taste good in the bracing sea air after we had done a fair bit of traipsing around Llandudno's shopping streets!  Traipsing which included a Craft Market and an Antiques Fair.

We had a full day Saturday.  After taking in Llandudno, at my request, we made a visit to Jackson's Garden Centre at Dysserth for afternoon tea.  I have mentioned this Jackson's in a previous post.  Not only is it in a beautiful countryside setting, they have a lovely restaurant and sell all sorts of gorgeous interior decor stuff and of course just now it's jam packed full of Christmas goodies.


By the time we were leaving Dysserth the sun was setting and putting on a spectacular show.  Shame about the overhead cables, I know, but the sunset was so beautiful I had to include it.


Sunday, Brenda and Arthur took us inland to breathtakingly beautiful Betws Y Coed, a little town and a magnet for tourists, in Snowdonia National Park.  We have been here several times over the years but never in autumn.  It was a sight to behold for sure.


Brenda and Arthur beside the rocky River Conway which flows right through the centre of Betws Y Coed.


My pictures don't do it justice.


If you are ever in north Wales take the time to visit Betws Y Coed, you won't be sorry you did.

As our visit drew to a close a look inside St. Mary's Church seemed a good way to finish the day off.  Our car was parked in the church car park.  Quite properly, it's a pay and display one.   Anyway, William and I had just completed our tour of the church when we heard a magical sound.  A male voice choir was practising in the church hall!  I dashed to the car to get Brenda so that she could have a listen too.  Wales is renowned the world over for its history of singing and male voice choirs.  Shivers went up and down my spine as I stood and listened.  It was one of those moments I'll always remember.



T's Daily Treasures said...

I thought Betws Y Coed was a misspelling in your heading. That is an unusual name. A very beautiful area! Definitely looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. I remember when we were in Bethlehem visiting the church where Jesus was born. When we were in the manger, there was an Italian tour group who started singing Away in a Manger -- in Italian, of course. Talk about a goosebump moment. My friend and I were crying it was so beautiful! Have a great weekend. Tammy

T's Daily Treasures said...
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T's Daily Treasures said...
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