Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Quality Time.

Today I spent a fun unplanned afternoon with my older daughter, Victoria.


We drove up Blackstone Edge, over the tops and into Hebden Bridge. I love that drive.  We enjoyed a leisurely lunch then browsed in and out of a few shops, the prettiest one being this florist's shop.


The Willow Garden is full of lovely decorative things, not to mention the most beautiful blooms both real and artificial.  If you want flowers for a special occasion this is the place to go.


Victoria made a purchase, a pretty decorative heart.  I was a good girl and resisted temptation.

So, Victoria and I spent some out of the ordinary "quality time" together.  Quality as in being able to talk to each other without interruption.  Out of the ordinary because it's not often that Victoria is to be found without her two boys or if she hasn't got them is unable to go far because of watching the clock for school times etc.  Today was different though, the boys were both at school but their daddy was home and therefore able to go and collect them at 3.30 p.m. 

I'm hoping we get to do it again sometime soon.  Now, wouldn't that be nice?




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Cindy said...

What a great shop and great time together...days like these are so special! Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments. Hope your weekend is lovely!