Friday, 13 May 2011

A Coffee Shop and a Toffee Shop.

Last night before I went to bed I made myself a To Do List.  There was probably eight or nine things on it.  Mainly housework, stuff  that I either needed or wanted to do.  Coffee shopping wasn't on the list but Caroline rang this morning and asked if I'd like to go to Uppermill with her, Trev and Charlie.

Caroline had heard about a little cupcake/coffee shop in Uppermill that was supposed to be very nice and wanted to try it.  So, naturally, I put my To Do List away and tagged along.


I'm glad I did,  A Spoonfull of Sugar (yes, they spell it with an extra l for some reason) is a lovely little coffee shop.  They use lots of vintage mismatched china to serve the goodies on.  A little detail I liked was the bowl of sugar cubes complete with little sugar tongues on every table.  The cakes were delicious too.


Right next door to the coffee shop is a toffee shop, Sweet Memories of Saddleworth.


This little shop is a proper toffee shop.  Just like toffee shops used to be with rows of jars filled with all kinds of sugary goodness.  Apparently there are 250 jars and over 40 different types of lollies to choose from.  All the well known brands of yesteryear too, none of your poor imitation stuff in this shop.


I bought my self a quarter of Mint Imperials and a quarter of Licorice Tablets only now they're called Licorice Gums because the powers that be decided somewhere along the line that the word tablet can't be used to describe a sweet.  The shop owner also told me that the licorice pipes that were on sale for donkey's years are no longer made.  You can still buy the licorice but the pipe shape has gone.  Oh well, nothing stays the same forever does it?

All in all it was a lovely little outing and that To Do List?  Well, I suppose it'll get done tomorrow.




Victoria said...

That's a gorgeous picture of my sister. x

Anita Johnson said...

I still can't believe we had chewing gum that looked like cigarettes...I don't think my mom approved! I still love a candy store...eye candy at its finest!

Caroline said...

Thanks Vic.

Mother, do you realise the majority of your posts start with 'Caroline found a new coffee shop/ice cream shop/cake shop/somewhere to eat shop?!!

I think I've got a problem!!

Victoria said...

You're very welcome Caz.

Have you both also noticed how absent I am from these posts?

Betsy said...

How very charming! And yes, the thing about To Do lists, is that they wait for you! lol! :)