Thursday, 31 March 2011

It's not much fun..

...pounding away on a treadmill as I recently discovered when I bought one off my sister in law.  I was filled with initial enthusiasm but then I found it boring and was looking at the clock every minute to see if my time was up.  Those minutes were taking a long time to pass when my little mind was empty.


However, reading is fun and my daughter, Caroline, told me that lots of girls at the gym read a magazine while they use a treadmill.


So I followed her suggestion.  Magazine or a book.  Now pounding away on the treadmill is a pleasure as well as being good for me.

The treadmill by the way came from a charity shop down in Wales.  My sister in law bought it and then found she couldn't use it because of a medical problem.  It isn't fancy, didn't cost much, is mechanical not electrical, therefore is economical and since the reading began I'm loving it.

Joining Dayle at A Collection of This and That for this week's Simple Pleasures.


Dayle said...

I sold my electrical treadmill some years ago and regret that silly decision. I enjoyed reading or watching TV while walking on it. Makes the time go by faster

Debbie said...

Believe it or not, I have never tried a treadmill. I have tried stationary bikes and didn't like them. Right now, I just do it the cheapskate way and take a walk outside.

If I ever find a good thrifted treadmill, I'll give it a whirl.

Kay K said...

Your simple pleasure needs to be one of mine ! thanks for sharing

sarah said...

we don't have a treadmill anymore...used to love it in the winter months....but now work out with the wii....which is also pretty good.

Joan said...

A friend gave me a treadmill a while back, and I agree that it is boring...unless I'm reading. Sure make the time past fast and makes walking a pleasure.

Anita Johnson said...

Good for you. I mentioned a treadmill to my husband the other day. I'm so tired of walking in the cold. I'm not sure I could read and walk (-:
...I was thinking taped TV?

Gayle said...

Excellent! You are motivating me with your commitment. SO glad you stopped by for a visit to The Old Parsonage!