Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Beautiful Day


It was a such a beautiful day today.  The sun shone brightly most of the day and the sky was so blue, it was a tonic for our winter weary souls.  It was cold mind you, still hats, gloves and scarves weather.  Do you know though, one family had their little boys dressed in shorts, poor little things!

William and I had said we would go out somewhere today but he has been having a couple of health issues and didn't feel like walking too far, so when Victoria rang to say they were going to Todmorden Park and did we want to go with them we said yes.


We had a lovely couple of hours enjoying the sunshine.  I particularly enjoyed the carpets of crocus everywhere, it's great to see a splash of colour after all of winter's grey tones.  I'd taken along a flask of hot coffee and Vicki and I were able to sit, drink our coffee, natter away and watch the boys play while Billy and Gary ran around after them in the play area.

Yesterday afternoon was a treat for me.  I spent it with a friend I haven't seen for a good while.  She's been off working in different places for The British Red Cross.  We sat in my new favourite cafe, The Bear Cafe in Todmorden, and chatted away non-stop the whole time.  It was good to catch up and I hope we'll do it again soon.

That's it for now.





Dayle said...

What a beautiful day!

Victoria said...

Our boys very nearly had thermals on!! Silly woman sending her kids out in shorts and she had a coat, gloves and jeans on. xxx

jennyfreckles said...

A bit of sunshine does wonders for one's mood at this time of year. It's still jolly cold though! Shorts...!