Thursday, 31 March 2011

It's been nearly a week...

..since I posted anything.  I seem to have been busy but nothing much to show for it.  However, just for the record here are a couple of random things that have been going on around here lately.

Last Thursday my lovely cousin, Sylvia, came over for the day.  We did our usual round of charity shops, a tapas lunch, antique shop browsing and afternoon coffee break in The Bear Cafe.  I love spending time with Sylvia, we always talk non-stop and have a good time together.  Also a short holiday with her next month at her cottage in Cornwall was mentioned too!  Am I not one lucky lady?

Talking about holidays.  I've booked a week in Devon in June for when my sister and her husband come home from the USA.   I am so looking forward to that I know we'll have a great time.

On Saturday I decided it was time to make some of Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.  Caroline loves them and has been asking for ages if I would make some. George also loves them and he too kept asking me to make some. Of course he wanted to help with the baking, so did Nicholas and Charlie too.  So Saturday was the big day, we got all the ingredients ready, everybody assembled at their posts... and it was a big flop.  Flop as in the dough didn't rise properly and wouldn't roll out.  It was just too gooey!

I told George and Nicholas they could get stuck into the dough and play with it, and did they ever.  I really should have taken some pictures, but by now it was too chaotic,  and that "dough" was everywhere.  The boys were up to their elbows in it.  Literally!

I still don't know where I went wrong.  It was soooo disappointing. 

Yesterday I gave Charlie a haircut.  He hates having his hair cut and cries throughout it.  A lot!  It's traumatic for both of us.  I need to finish it off next time he has a nap here.  It's easier when he's asleep.  I'll be inserting a picture here soon.


I've been on a roll with digital scrapbook pages lately like this one about Charlie which I finished this morning.  Details can be found over on my other blog.


This little chap, Nicholas, isn't looking quite as bright eyed and bushy-tailed as this today.  He's been in hospital this morning and had a minor operation to correct his tongue-tie.  I've just spoken to him on the phone and he sounds fine.  In fact he's coming round later to show me his tongue.  Bless him.

William has a couple of health problems and he also has been to a hospital appointment this morning.  I've just spoken to him on the phone too and he's going back to work now.  I wish they could fix him.  I know his problems are making him miserable.

Well, that's it for now.  I'd better get some housework done.



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John said...

Had no idea Nicholas has been in hospital, glad to hear he is okay and look forward to hearing the little chatterbox and fingers crossed Bill gets some good news soon. LSxx