Sunday, 14 March 2010

I was reminded today…

… how lucky I am.  I have two beautiful daughters who live close by and I see almost daily.  Today being Mother’s Day they came with cards and gifts.  I count my blessings quite often and these two special people are top of the list.  Thank you daughters. The flowers were actually from my son in law, Trev.  How sweet is that?
George stayed overnight last night.   We played Uno.  It’s a good job I like it because we played it non-stop.  He’s very good at it too and I have to pay attention if I want to win my fair share of the games.DSC_2634 copy DSC_2644 copyDSC_2640 copyLittle Nicky-noo came round this morning.  Only one photo of him, he doesn’t sit still for too long! DSC_2611 copy Caroline and Charlie were on their way to a christening so I grabbed a quick picture of them before they dashed off.
Yes, I’m a very lucky lady!


John said...

Yes you are lucky to have two beautiful daughters. Have they got your genes or Bill's? - erm definitely yours!! (only joking Bill)xxx

Anonymous said...

I am glad i was on that trip to Dublin with you,Kath. We did have a great ol' time. The highlight being the Sky Bar at Guinness. The girls are beautiful and the little boys also. I like Carolline's hair do in thid picture. I might have to try it next time. Love the pics. once again. G'luck now, sure the whole t'ing is just grand altogether. Aren't you glad I taught you how to say that properly? Happy Mothers Day by the way. Our's isn't until May.