Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

In June 2008 I took a trip on a sailing ship, well a ferry actually, over to Dublin with William, my sister Maureen and her husband Jerry.  We stayed in Arklow and travelled around.  On one of those travels we went to Dublin for the day.  We had a great time, Dublin is a wonderful city to visit.  We did an awful lot of walking that day and soon enough we had an awful thirst on us.A drop o' the black stuff in the Gravity Bar, GuinnessSo, up at the top of the Guinness Warehouse in the Sky Bar with the 360 degree view we had a drop of the black stuff!  It was GOOD and quenched our thirst no problem! The Famine Memorial, Dublin.  17/06/08Along the banks of the Liffey leading to the docks is this memorial to The Famine which hit Ireland in the mid 19th century. Family names of those who perished can be engraved on plaques and placed here in the cobbles.  It always makes me so sad to think of this time in Irish history.  (Dreams of Other Days by Elaine Crawley, is a novel I enjoyed reading a good while ago now, it covered the famine.  If this is your kind of thing I highly recommend it).
Looking back through the pictures of that holiday I was reminded about a little problem the car developed.  The near-side blinker stopped working. Trying to fix the  front left indicator, it stopped working on the way to Holyhead. 16/06/08Poor William was beside himself with the whole nuisance of it.  It had stopped working in Wales just before we reached Holyhead and it drove it him mad all week!  He hates any problems with his cars.  Remember that Mo? 
Good luck now!


vickigooda said...

I like the Union Jack flag xxx

John said...

The Guiness looks so good I fancy a pint myself!!xxx