Sunday, 21 March 2010

61 years ago yesterday…

…William came into the world.  Kicking and screaming and that’s how he’s been ever since!DSC_2733  In honour of this great event Caroline bought him a birthday cake.  Yes, this one you see here.  Isn’t it grand?  Just what you would imagine for  a 61 year old, eh?  Sweet of her though.  I made a Courgette Cake the day before and I could’ve put candles on it and called it a birthday cake but I never thought, anyway this one was far cuter.  I’m just a bad wife! DSC_2734 Charlie helping grandad blow the candles out.  DSC_2738George and Nicholas giving grandad his pressie.  ( I know this pictures is a bit blurred, I had the wrong lens on my camera).

We don’t make a fuss of birthdays but coincidentally John and Lesley had invited us round to their house, so we spent the evening in good company enjoying a drink and playing cards.  And as luck would have it for the birthday boy he won at cards.

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John said...

Are you sure you didn't just put candles on Muffin's back and take his photograph!! What a good night we had celebrating Bill's birthday but do you think there was a little bit of cheating at cards going on? xxx