Monday, 28 December 2009


...Billy suggested we go out for a ride so we headed off out through Todmorden and Burnley to Pendle Heritage Centre in Barrowford. There's a tourist information centre and Garden Tea Room which are housed in an old 15th century farmhouse, situated just behind the house you see below. The food is all homecooked and we enjoyed a hot lunch there.

This old building complete with pigeon loft is now an art gallery.  I've often heard people use the term "pigeon hole" and have used it myself too but it only made sense to me today looking at these pictures where it came from.  I'm a bit slow to catch on sometimes!

Behind the heritage centre is a park and this river runs alongside it. Very pretty.

And this is the car park we had to use.  It was like a skating rink. Billy was worried about "coming a cropper" (now where does that saying come from?) in it but fortunately we made it with only a little skidding and nobody had to get out and push.


vickigooda said...

I can't believe Dad actually drove onto that carpark, what did you bribe him with??

Meg said...

Oh I love old farmhouses! Such beautiful pictures, you must have had a wonderful time!