Saturday, 5 December 2009

This afternoon, ...

...yet another damp and grey afternoon, Victoria and I took the  boys for a ride over the hills to Uppermill.  It's a small mill town not too far from us and is a picturesque little place which depends quite a bit on tourism for its livelihood. Along with the coffee shops and gift shops there is a little park with a river running through it and that's where I took these pictures. 

The river was quite high after all the rain we've had lately, usually you can cross the river on these stepping stones but today they were nearly all submerged under the water.  George still had fun though.

Nicholas had to stay strapped in his buggy, we were frightened of him slipping and falling in the water. He didn't miss out though, his mother just let him dangle over the edge and play in the water while strapped in his buggy!

This is the view taken from the river looking over to the weaver's cottages (well the back of them anyway) just behind the main street and the hills beyond which are part of the Pennine Chain, the so-called backbone of England.

And so as not to leave him out, here's our little bookworm, Charlie, in his element with a book on his knee.

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John said...

I bet Charlie has another pair of socks just like that at home!!