Sunday, 27 December 2009

I can't believe... quickly Christmas has been and gone.  It's almost a week since this picture was taken of Gary and George playing in the snow.  They'd been sledging in the morning, I think George has been sledging more in the last few days than ever before. Then they came to our house for a visit with Gary pulling the boys on the sledge and as you can

see, they went home the same way.

On Christmas morning we all went to Vicki's house for breakfast and to see the boys with their toys.  We had all been to Caroline's house the night before.  We had three very happy and lucky little boys, Father Christmas came up trumps and everybody got what they wanted.

Then on Boxing Day William and I walked up to Caroline's house. It's uphill all the way and was hard-going in all that snow. So the glass of mulled wine we were offered when we got there and accepted (it would have been rude to refuse) tasted good. Muffin, our little Yorkshire Terrrier, came with us and the snow didn't bother him one little bit.
 Charlie got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and it's his favourite thing ever.

He's fixing it here with his Handy Manny screwdriver.  Got to have the right tool for the job!


vickigooda said...

Lovely pictures Mother. xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the new pics.Thesnow looks lovely, but I know you have had enough of it. Moll