Sunday, 20 December 2009

They forecast sunshine...

...and they get it wrong. They forecast snow and they get it right!  Why is that?

It is pretty to look at though, especially when you can just stroll around in it and admire it's beauty. That's what William and I did this afternoon. We had planned to go to Tatton Park today to see the Hall decked out in it's Christmas finery but we knew it wasn't going to happen with the roads on the estate looking like this. That's our street above, not many cars got up or down it today.

The poor driver of this car wasn't having much fun.  He tried I don't know how many times to get up this hill, and its not much of a hill really. The problem was the ice underneath the snow.  In the end he gave up and reversed back onto his drive.

We saw this while we were out. The owners of this house had found a glove outside their house and very kindly put it in a plastic bag and attached it to a stick in the garden where hopefully it will be seen and reclaimed. Wasn't that thoughtful?

I was keen to get home, I've been baking this morning.  I made two cakes before we went out.  I made our Christmas Cake and a Courgette Cake. Courgette Cake sounds gross doesn't it? It's not though, it's delicious and most of our family loves it. Anyway, I'd left the cakes in the oven and I didn't want them to burn. If there's one thing I'm good at in the kitchen it's burning things. Good news though, they were both OK.


vickigooda said...

Did you ring Rochdale On Line to let them know that Dad was outside??

John said...

Your snow doesn't look as cold as our snow was on Sunday - but it was good warming up in the King Billy!