Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Cornwall 2016 - Fowey

Fowey is a very special place.  I've only visited it a couple of times but I have loved both those visits. The name Fowey, is pronounced to rhyme with joy, and appropriately that's what William, Maureen, Jerry and I had the afternoon we spent in Fowey - a joy filled time.

For me Fowey is all about the waterfront.  There's so much to look at.  The boats bobbing about, the wooded hillside and the homes peppering the far side.  What a view those home owners have every day!

Picturesque to say the least.

This is the town side, where we spent the afternoon wandering around, in and out of the shops and up and down the little tight streets.  After which thirst drove us to one of those waterfront pubs...

... where we quenched our thirst ...

... enjoyed the tranquil view and rested for a while as twilight fell.

Time was marching on by now and we needed to attack the steep hills back to the car park.

It was uphill all the way.

This picture makes me smile.  Jerry and Billy are manfully soldiering on while Maureen, down there at the bottom, hand on  hip, takes a breather. :-)  It was definitely a good old slog back up those hills!

But once at the top there were more fantastic views to reward our efforts.

Twilight and autumn colours made memories of this day so special.  Oh, and the fact that we got well and truly lost between Polperro and Fowey.  That is far too long a story to go into but the four of us remember it well I'm sure!

Maureen takes a last lingering look over...

..this incredibly beautiful Cornish scenery and the setting sun.

The sky was ablaze with colour as we arrived at the car park.  A fitting close to a long and happy day spent in Polperro and Fowey.

Before the day was truly over, back at the cottage there was time for Rummikub, nibbles and a tipple or two before we climbed the wooden hill to bed.

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Anonymous said...

We remember our day in Fowey. The weather was kind again, the scenery spectacular and the company outstanding. I love the picture of Billy with his pint! We had a long and lovely day but the hills nearly got the best of me as you kindly pointed out, Sista. Keep your posts coming, they are Joy to read. xx