Saturday, 26 November 2016

Cornwall 2016 - Polperro

Continuing with posts from our Cornish holiday here are a few pictures from pretty Polperro.

More of those amazingly narrow streets.

William and I watched one of those Escape to the Country programmes a night or two ago and Polperro featured on it.  We love those programmes but it seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to live in Cornwall or Devon.  Now the southwest of England is indeed beautiful but the UK is full of beautiful places so I really wish the programme makers would feature more of the rest of the UK more often. I live in hope.

Polperro's harbour is so picturesque with loads of brilliant-white painted houses clinging to the hillsides.

This little corner of Polperro looks kind of continental to me.  I think the old chap walking up the lane leaning on his cane and wearing a beret type hat looks French or Italian?

Another view of the harbour from the other side of the harbour walls.

Maureen and I climbed up some steps away from the harbour and were rewarded with maginificent views of the coastline. How are these for rock pools?

It's hard  not to take pictures in places like this.  Every which way you look is a scene begging for a snap or two.

Like this little trio of hungry, thirsty tourists - I couldn't help but snap a picture of them.  As I remember it though we didn't actually dine here.  Nobody found anything of interest on the menu.  I wasn't  bothered about the menu I just wanted the table with a view.  A view of the harbour which was right in front of us. However I was a minority of one.  The majority vote was to find somewhere else to eat and that's exactly what we did, further up the village.  It wasn't a problem, these little villages are full of places to eat.

The day didn't end in Polperro.  From here we made our way to Fowey, in a very roundabout way that is. We got lost and saw most of the rest of Cornwall before we drove into Fowey!

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Victoria Goodall said...

Beaurtiful. I love Cornwall.